Sub space with impact play a delicious combo of floggers, canes, restraints.

dark tantra Kink Vancouver Mistress Jade

Sub space with impact play a delicious combo of floggers, canes, restraints.

I warm up your skin with my hands

Flogger in hand you receive 20-30 hits increasing intensity, COUNTING — AND SAYING THANK YOU FOR EACH SMACK

The next layer you are coaxed into deeper relaxation allowing your endorphins to recharge

Then we go for round TWO – harder paddle, counting to 30 to 1 backwards and don’t forget the thank you Mistress.

Softer waking up the sensual side, coaxing you into a another space and getting you ready for more intense play.

Round THREE – the cane or strap… more severe making your ass red and hot… ( I like a hot ass)

You wiggle – it feels good to feel the bench on your most sensitive parts, I tell you to stop

My caresses drive you crazy I tease you and you want so badly….

Your ready for more? You’ve been so good… I think you want to feel this for days to come.

You may be your wish my little SUB




sensual submission dark tantra vancouver

ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense dedicate formally, consecrate): from Latindevot- consecrated, from the verb devovere, from de- formally + vovere to vow.

I love this word, it feels very true to the the type of relationship I have with those to come to see me.

Letting me decide what is best for you, because I instinctively know what you need.

Sometimes the need to make decisions all the time can tire ones psyche, responsibility resting on ones shoulders.

I can take that away from you. All you have to do is SUBMIT to my whims and fancies.

Please me

Give me your undivided attention.

and I will take to where you most desire.

You can finally take it all off.




Need I say more, a well heated bottom.

Just bought a few more toys from North Bound Leather in Toronto.


Journey of Transformation

“A Tantric Domina is an initiator in the realms of raising energy and consciousness. She takes her clients on a journey of transformation, from darkness into light, from shame into pleasure, stagnation into movement. What is hidden, suppressed or unconscious is given permission, moves into consciousness, paving the way for greater self-acceptance, self-love and integrity.

Her dominance comes from a pure joy in leading and guiding others. Rather than using violence, force or pretence, she uses the power that arises from being in alignment with our Truth, the power made possible through the acknowledgement and acceptance of our darkness and shadow, rather than the rejection of it. Surrendering to her transcends the personal: she becomes a model of surrendering to something far greater: to the divine feminine, to our energy despite our fears, or to life itself.

Her work seeks to create greater balance, connection and wholeness: a balance between our inner & outer worlds, between heart and sex, body and mind, spirit and matter.

She understands that true ‘perversion’ is in the repression and taboo that leads to the original sublimation of sexual excitement into the more socially acceptable energy forms of power or morality, rather than pure pleasure. As she moves us towards embracing pleasure, the violence falls away and our true innocence is regained: not a naïve or blind innocence, but the recognition we arrive at, having eaten the apple of consciousness, that when we drop all doing and all the agendas of our ego, our being is innocent.”

–   John Hawken


Untamed Desires


I love to dress in heels

the feeling of my stockings

as they stretch over my calves

You desire to feel my skin

the silken stocking

as it moves over you


I uncover your desires

fully realized in the flesh


have no choice

to but to


with love MJ


I wonder

divine rapture dark tantra

I wonder if your mind gives me a hard on as much as your body does.

I wonder how it would feel to taste your salty skin.

I wonder what makes you and I so hot together.

I wonder does this take us further from passion and  heat

I don’t wonder anymore.

I am sure that your have what it takes to give me what I want.

Your total surrender to my beauty and brains in a very sumptuous package.

My pleasure needs to be your pleasure. The desire to make me happy in all forms.

May my wicked ways enrapture your heart and soul.

So you crave my touch and my punishment.

two days

recieveIn the last two days… after I decided to move into the shadow once in awhile. I so enjoy the shadow and all of it tones of light, to deep, to moving.

Yesterday, my first appointment of the day managed to be a bad boy right as he walked into the studio. I did mention to him that it wasn’t wise to piss off the person with the flogger, cane or other various tools of sensual destruction. He required a lot of discipline and he loved the feeling of my marks on his skin.

I enjoyed this play how it feels so natural and the sting of the air as one’s skin heats up. The heat is intoxicating…

My most favorite moment of the day was sharing after the whole experience. You know the aftercare, totally necessary and creates a great bond. I do love these moments they fuel my sensuality and mind.

Be good now… or not and then I’ll have to punish you.


black bow

“The more the soul knows, the more she loves, and loving much, she tastes much.” – W. H. Murray

goddess dark tantra

Play with me in a special realm of experimental sensation-play techniques, embracing power-exchange, breaking taboo, exploring the subconscious mind by exploring fantasies, fetishes, and role-play.


Shadow Play

tie and tease

Shadow play is about totally allowing yourself into the hands of another beautiful powerful being. I love being that other being…fully into a moment of stillness

The sounds, tastes and sensations awaken you, allow you to fully feel all that you have held back.  Submersing yourself to my beauty and power …

I want you to want me with total abandon and lust only to get what I feel you deserve. I want you to squirm under my hands, my tools and toys… showing me your desires and weakness.

Come to me – open and willing – Let me in where no one has been before.

I dare you…

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