Dark Tantra discover Sensual Surrender 

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. Yet to penetrate the darkness we must summon all the powers of enlightenment that consciousness can offer ( Carl Jung).

The problem is, human sexuality, beyond the functional pro-creative aspect, is highly complex, nuanced, and mysterious. For the most part these aspects of our personal sexuality, have been ignored, repressed, vilified, outlawed, and hidden from view in most ways in most cultures. Most of us don’t really know much about it. When we finally escape the grips of our repressive sexual upbringing, how do we find, explore, express, create and integrate our authentic sexual desires into who we are overall? How do we deal with the deeply imbedded fear, inadequacy, shame and harsh moral and spiritual judgments that will still effect how we express, or do not express our sexuality. How will we recognize when we feel unjustly righteous in our judgment about the sexuality of others. Will we find our sexual truth through one of the newly visible portals of Sacred-Sexuality, Tantra, Taoist, Fetish/Kink, Quodoshka, Polyamory, Trans/CD/TV. Bi-Sexuality, Celibacy, Sex Magic or some combination of them , or some entirely new path yet to be revealed?


In conclusion, our society sex is wounded by a deep seated masochism, which finds distorted satisfaction in the suppression of desire, through dark tantra one can explore and face the shadow side of self and bring into consciousness assisting in living a deeper passionate life.

Pleasure and pain, dark and light, immerse yourself in my world and uncover your deep sexual desires with light domination and role play scene.


Dare to explore your deeper desires and experience extreme pleasure by immersing yourself to a new world that will uncover dark sensuality. Crossing boundaries that will open the path to a different taste of pleasure by creating a safe place to arouse your shadow side to play. Using power and surrender in a dynamic way, as well as sensations to evoke, tease and ride the energetic waves of dark delight.

This session is for those whom understand pleasure under a whole new meaning rather than the more traditional definition for pleasure. This experience is about exploring your darker and deeper fantasies that are trapped as a mental image bursting to become reality. Dark Tantric Pleasure will help you utilize all of your senses to enhance the mundane to create sacredness and experience the profound. This dark sensual touch is recommended if you have already experienced The Tantric Session.   It is extremely important that you are comfortable with the therapist and that your therapist is comfortable with you as this session will be exploring the darker side of pleasure, boundaries you never thought would bring such erotic delight, boundaries that require comfort.

Uncover satisfaction using a number of erotic Tantric methods combined with dark techniques that will leave your heart pounding and your mind dominated by the empowering sexual energy gracing every inch and thought of your being from a more daring division of sensuality. The traditional Tantric techniques will also be offered.


Tales of Tantric Transformation


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