An Electrifying Journey to the The Dark Side of Tantra with Bondassge

1.5 Hour  $450, 2 Hour $600, 3 Hour $800

fetish-couples-total-control-cute-sexy-pics-bw-rop-becca-fetish-bondage-erotic-woman-dominateI am a licensed practitioner in the stunning and innovative art of Bondassage. Bondassage is a journey for the senses through the exploration of submission, mild to wild sensation play, deprivation of the senses, and complete and total surrender of self before another.


Discover Altered States of Consciousness

Feminine Light Bondage … Sensory Deprivation … Full Body Sensual Touch and Sensation Play … whether you’re a female novice or an experienced player, I’m delighted to be your Bondassage guide on a journey of  Submission, Exploration and Pleasure.

BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism) has been kept in the shadows for eons.  Often, it is through exploring and embracing the Shadow side of ourselves that we find Transformation and Healing.

Discover a World of Blissful Intensity and Intimacy

You deserve it.  Come and experience this deliciously creative playground and awaken to a profound level of pleasure and relaxation.

Bondassage is a perfect gateway for anyone who has ever been curious about BDSM, submission, power and surrender,  bondage, sensory depravation, and any other aspect of control relinquishing play. Each session is tailor made to speak to your own personal desires, and all acts that occur are completely consensual. We will explore sensations of all kinds, and the more open and receptive you are to my loving touch, the more you will be pleasing me, and the more rewarding you will find our time together.