By contacting me, you agree with my Etiquette, Donation and Rules (please be always very discreet as I am).

You have two ways to communicate with me, but before, be sure what type of session you want and the more notice you give me, the better since I am not available for last minutes appointments.

Sensual Domination

1-Email : Mistress Jade (Please check your spam folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of to your inbox)

Emails or the form above are the best and most highly preferred booking methods for first-time submissives. When emailing me, please, provide me with the following information (these are solely for my safety purpose)

Emails missing the primary information will be ignored (you will have to provide me at least 95% of the information I am asking, especially those for verification purposes, include your physical description to get an answer from me and be direct and accurate. After checking your information, I will respond to your emails.

2 – Primary Phone Number is given after initial contact. 

I do not answer texts or block/pay phone. If you call and receive my voicemail, please leave a message with your name, phone number, desired appointment time and any other information which can speed up your booking. I do not typically return calls unless you leave a voice message. This shows me your level of professionalism and mannerism.  I will always respect your privacy. I do appreciate your understanding in advance.

**For same-day appointments, please do not leave me voicemails too early am or too late pm. The preferred time for voicemail is from 7am to 7pm. Please try to book me as early as possible for the same-day session.

Sometimes my voice on the phone can sound a bit serious since I do not know you yet, but once you meet me, you will be sure I am the most friendly and/or wicked woman ever.

When we speak on the phone, please be ready to provide me with some information about yourself (the same I am asking for emails). If you feel uncomfortable, I will not be able to meet you. Kindly understand that my safety and your privacy are essential to enjoy the session deeply.

**I do not keep your information. I maintain high confidentiality, so your information will NEVER leave my hands. Discretion is expected and always provided 200% ALL the time.

The best way to schedule a session with me is by filling out my form. You will find it HERE

So please keep your emails concise and to the point. To facilitate your communication with Mistress,  please include the following:

– Name, phone number + email

– Where you reside/or travel to (city and country)

– Your fetish interests & limits

– Past experience (if any)

If you have never emailed a Dominatrix before, here are some instructions.