Mistress JadeThank you for reading my website…I hope you are entirely enthralled and eager to take the next step. Being you’ve come ‘this’ far, you are now only moments away from booking a session with me. All questions asked of you are straight forward, but please take your time to answer them honestly…regardless.

I normally answer all inquiries and respond to all ‘correctly’ filled out appointment request the same day of submission. IF you have done this and still have not received a response, please let me know.

After reviewing your appointment request, I will be contacting you at a date and time that we’ve mutually agreed upon. Please be prepared prior to our initial conversation, to take some needed time to ask yourself what it is that you’d like to learn, experience and hope to gain from a session with me. It is always very helpful when a potential client has jotted down her interests, concerns, questions, fears, expectations and what they’d like to learn and experience in this extraordinary session.

I look SO very forward to indulging, learning and experiencing this dynamic Tantric journey with you when we meet.

Please answer the questions below

  1. Phone number where you can be reached at and the best time to call ;
  2. The exact day and time you want the appointment;
  3. Physical description including your weight and height;
  4. Nationality/Ethnicity including background (if is american-asian, american-irish, latin, etc.);
  5. If Incall or outcall and your current location (from where
  6. are you coming in case of incall or where are you located in case of outcall);
  7. Do you have any medical issues or concerns that the Mistresses need to be aware of during your session?
  8. What are your past experiences, if any, with BDSM, Dark Tantra and or Tantra?
  9. Please inform me of any emotional issues that you feel may cause a potential trigger or bad reaction: (rape, incest, child abuse, race concerns) or anything that I should be aware of that is a potential problem for you in a scene emotionally.
  10. What are your limitations? Is there anything you are opposed to? (Spanking, blindfolding, wax, bondage, etc)
  11. Please describe at least 3 qualities that you envision when you think of your ideal dominant.
  12. What you picture the Mistress wearing.. (be careful, this is a set up question! I don’t promise to wear what you ask for)​
  13. What would you like your first session to include?

Tales of Tantric Transformation


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