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Sexy shoes – a way to my get my attention

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BDSM with a Twist

Takeaway: Forget about tools and tricks. Here’s what really makes BDSM so hot. It’s probably safe to say that just about everyone has seen a BDSM sex tips article – or 10. You’ve likely seen their parodies too. But this list is a little different; no stabbing your lover with a fork here! Instead, I’m delving into the heart of what makes BDSM so hot … Read More BDSM with a Twist


Surrender to the unknown

  surrender to the unknown fully embrace your shadow move forward to into a place of euphoric chaos your choices are few your world is me I decide your fate Pleasure and desire YOU ARE MINE

Breaking taboo

Play with me in a special realm of experimental sensation-play techniques, embracing power-exchange, breaking taboo, exploring the subconscious mind by exploring fantasies, fetishes, and role-play.


Shadow Play

Shadow play is about totally allowing yourself into the hands of another beautiful powerful being. I love being that other being…fully into a moment of stillness The sounds, tastes and sensations awaken you, allow you to fully feel all that you have held back.  Submersing yourself to my beauty and power … I want you to want me with total abandon and lust only … Read More Shadow Play

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