recieveIn the last two days… after I decided to move into the shadow once in awhile. I so enjoy the shadow and all of it tones of light, to deep, to moving.

Yesterday, my first appointment of the day managed to be a bad boy right as he walked into the studio. I did mention to him that it wasn’t wise to piss off the person with the flogger, cane or other various tools of sensual destruction. He required a lot of discipline and he loved the feeling of my marks on his skin.

I enjoyed this play how it feels so natural and the sting of the air as one’s skin heats up. The heat is intoxicating…

My most favorite moment of the day was sharing after the whole experience. You know the aftercare, totally necessary and creates a great bond. I do love these moments they fuel my sensuality and mind.

Be good now… or not and then I’ll have to punish you.


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