“A Tantric Domina is an initiator in the realms of raising energy and consciousness. She takes her clients on a journey of transformation, from darkness into light, from shame into pleasure, stagnation into movement. What is hidden, suppressed or unconscious is given permission, moves into consciousness, paving the way for greater self-acceptance, self-love and integrity.

Her dominance comes from a pure joy in leading and guiding others. Rather than using violence, force or pretence, she uses the power that arises from being in alignment with our Truth, the power made possible through the acknowledgement and acceptance of our darkness and shadow, rather than the rejection of it. Surrendering to her transcends the personal: she becomes a model of surrendering to something far greater: to the divine feminine, to our energy despite our fears, or to life itself.

Her work seeks to create greater balance, connection and wholeness: a balance between our inner & outer worlds, between heart and sex, body and mind, spirit and matter.

She understands that true ‘perversion’ is in the repression and taboo that leads to the original sublimation of sexual excitement into the more socially acceptable energy forms of power or morality, rather than pure pleasure. As she moves us towards embracing pleasure, the violence falls away and our true innocence is regained: not a naïve or blind innocence, but the recognition we arrive at, having eaten the apple of consciousness, that when we drop all doing and all the agendas of our ego, our being is innocent.”

–   John Hawken


Tales of Tantric Transformation


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