dark tantra Kink Vancouver Mistress Jade

Sub space with impact play a delicious combo of floggers, canes, restraints.

I warm up your skin with my hands

Flogger in hand you receive 20-30 hits increasing intensity, COUNTING — AND SAYING THANK YOU FOR EACH SMACK

The next layer you are coaxed into deeper relaxation allowing your endorphins to recharge

Then we go for round TWO – harder paddle, counting to 30 to 1 backwards and don’t forget the thank you Mistress.

Softer waking up the sensual side, coaxing you into a another space and getting you ready for more intense play.

Round THREE – the cane or strap… more severe making your ass red and hot… ( I like a hot ass)

You wiggle – it feels good to feel the bench on your most sensitive parts, I tell you to stop

My caresses drive you crazy I tease you and you want so badly….

Your ready for more? You’ve been so good… I think you want to feel this for days to come.

You may be your wish my little SUB


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