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What makes a Good Dominant

Takeaway: It’s important to make sure that you are able to find a good Dominant. A Dominant should take care of you, just like you, as the submissive, take care of them. There are a number of questions that people new to the BDSM lifestyle, both Dominant and submissive, would like to know about the scene. One of the most prevalent questions that submissives have … Read More What makes a Good Dominant


Japan’s Naughty Knotty BDSM

“It turns out the same is true in the realm of Japan’s fetish subculture. Half-baked knowledge of BDSM is also the cause of great injury—especially with ropes.” Yes you can get hurt with ropes, being tied up, spanked, etc. etc. Often there is a fine line that a sensitive practitioner will notice. Obviously, Do NO Harm is the moto and in the BDSM word … Read More Japan’s Naughty Knotty BDSM


Erotic Trance – Sub Space

This is an interesting article; the idea of entering into or out off a place where there is much clutter in the mind or body. The idea of letting go completely into the moment to someone else is an exciting idea. I love  deeply intoxicating excitement – the buzz in the air. I believe deeply understanding you; the delicious edges of your desires. The … Read More Erotic Trance – Sub Space


The Health Benefits of BDSM

BDSM is Not a New Sexual Practice Mainstream culture often represents BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism) as reckless, dangerous, and unhealthy. Take Fifty Shades of Grey for instance, Christian Grey’s reasons for enjoying kink stem from his childhood abuse. Television crime dramas often portray fetishists as seedy, unethical lawbreakers. It isn’t just the media that frames BDSM this way. Prior to the … Read More The Health Benefits of BDSM


Periodic Table of Kink

A new way to discover your KINK, use it to play a game and discover your erotic edges. Make sure you know your boundaries before you please and establish safe words and make sure you have a way to cut someone out of any robes or ties. Safety cutters or scissors are a must.

Bondassage Video


Dark Eros

Dark Eros is the part of our erotic nature…or creature as I sometimes think of it…that we generally keep hidden. Out of the light. It can include things that are considered taboo, perverse, or morally inappropriate by the parent culture, family friends, and intimate others. The common motif as erotic expression is oriented around Dominance/submission (D/s), bondage, discipline, sado-masochism (BDSM) and all manner of … Read More Dark Eros


Field of Dreams

Your body become liquid under my finger tips The tears or desire fill your eyes your succulent lips desire taste my sweetness hands tied, legs unable to move you closer to me you wait, breath of longing discover the mastery of surrender dreaming of the terrain of my body fields of flowers opening to the sun the dew of sunrise and night mixing their … Read More Field of Dreams


Boots + Heels + Red Wine

Leather boots with heels that take my legs to heaven Remember to kiss and caress my silky leather I expect no less Mistress  


Sexy shoes – a way to my get my attention

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Punishment – Learn how to be a better man

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Learning to be a better man I know that you have been bad and so do you. So now it’s my turn to be very mad My cane falls down on my swollen manhood. It’s mine I remind you and you are not allowed To touch, caress or explode without my permission let alone what you have been up … Read More Punishment – Learn how to be a better man


A good spanking; full surrender

Spanking bench; fully secured and ready for your punishment


Tales of Tantric Transformation


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