This is an interesting article; the idea of entering into or out off a place where there is much clutter in the mind or body. The idea of letting go completely into the moment to someone else is an exciting idea. I love  deeply intoxicating excitement – the buzz in the air.

I believe deeply understanding you; the delicious edges of your desires. The desires that you have hidden away into the back of your mind, under the bed. Far way into sleepless nights.

We agree and then I decide

You have no choice but

How well you take it

BDSM encounters can have a particular effect on the mind, a new study found.

The research, published in the journal Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice, looked at BDSM, a consensual practice of bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sadism/masochism. BDSM experiences can involve handcuffs or other ways to restrict movement, it may involve the administration of pain with things like clothespins, spanking or verbal aggression—and sometimes, though not always, it also involves intercourse.
According to the researchers, people in the BDSM community often talk about being transported into a state of flow: “the idea that the rest of the world drops away and someone is completely focused on what they’re doing,” says study author Brad Sagarin, professor in the department of psychology at Northern Illinois University. The flow state is familiar to pro athletes, prolific novelists, musicians—anyone who loses themselves in an activity they’re extremely good at.


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